Application Criteria

Pursuant to Texas Property Code Section 92.3515, these Tenant Selection Criteria are being provided.



Normal Landlord’s Selection Criteria:
• Gross Monthly Income must be 3x the rental amount and verified by 1 (one) month check stubs or two (2) months bank statements.
• Good two-year VERIFIABLE Employment History verified by current/past employer.
• Good two-year Rental History VERIFIED by current/past landlord.
• Good Rental Credit Score (no lower than 640) verified by TransUnion SmartMove® (rental credit score), (some exceptions per landlord requirements) (Lower Scores and Credit Issues Approval May Require Additional Deposit and Reserve Rental Payments)
• Criminal History Report accessed and verified by Allsource Property Management™ via TransUnion SmartMove®.
• Proof of Current Renter’s Insurance, with Allsource Property Management™ as "Additional Interest" must be received before move in.  • • Good Rental Credit Score (no lower than 620) verified by TransUnion SmartMove®
• Non-Smokers only.
• Landlord’s Rules & Regulations to be attached to Lease.
• No evidence of Bed Bug presence and Bed Bug Addendum to be attached to Lease.

Short Term Leasing Criteria (1-3 Month Lease):
• Gross Income must be 3 times the rental amount and verified by pay stubs or bank statements.
• May Require Lease Guarantor.
• Non-Refundable Locator Fee $375.00 paid at time of application completion. (Required on short term leases only).
• No Criminal History, report accessed and verified by Allsource Property Management™ via TransUnion SmartMove®.
• Non-smokers only.
• Landlord’s Rules & Regulations to be attached to Lease.
• Furnished Units may require additional deposit requirements.

• Invalid and/or no Social Security Card, Invalid and/or no Driver’s License or Government Issued Identification, or false information on Application.
• Insufficient Income and/or Negative Employment History.
• Negative Rental History including eviction, late payments, returned/bounced checks,
balance owed to Previous Landlord, Lease violations, Landlord complaints, property damage. 
• Negative Credit History including repossession, eviction, foreclosure, bankruptcy.
• Criminal History including but not limited to misdemeanors, felonies, sex offenders, terrorist activity.

***Prospective Applicants who do not meet the selection criteria may be approved with
an additional security deposit, an approved Guarantor co-signer and/or landlord's approval.

In order to facilitate the Application Submittal and Approval Process involving multiple Lease Applicants
• Lease Applicants will be notified of a multiple application situation.
• All complete applications with fee will be processed by Allsource Property Management™.
• Landlord will be provided all processed applications for review.
• A processed application that is reviewed by Landlord is NOT subject to refund.
• The decision of accepted Lease Applicant is made solely by the Landlord and NO approval is implied without stated written approval from landlord.

Upon Lease Approval, Tenants are required to do the following:
• Show proof that all utilities are scheduled to be connected before move in.
• Show proof that Renter's Insurance has been purchased with Allsource Property Management™, listed as "Additional Interest".
• Pay all monies due (i.e Deposit(s), First Month's Rent), and any additional required payments.
• Understand that they have a right to view the property and/or accept property "As is", or that they accept property (sight unseen).
• Approved applicant's may request management to connect utilities for inspection purposes only. 

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